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Is your hair growing or nah?


Lets talk about hair growth and why your hair may not be growing. Here are the 3 stages of growth:⠀

1. Anagen: Active growing stage.⠀

2. Catagen: Brief transitional stage before growth slows down(lasts a few week)⠀

3. Telogen: Resting stage where growth is minimal.⠀

The Anagen stage is when our hair is growing and we are feeling ourselves. Then we find our growth pattern beginning to slow down. ⠀

Now you’re in the Catagen stage. After this short period, we begin to wonder why our hair have stopped growing. We are now in the Telogen stage and it could last 3-4 months. ⠀

All of these stages are natural and understanding the different growth stages will help you understand your hair more.⠀

There are other factors that affect your hair growth and behavior. Illness and lack of necessary vitamins and minerals can also affect hair and growth.⠀

Consistency is key to achieve and maintain healthy flourishing hair. The more I know about your hair allows me to approach it strategically.⠀

If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your hair journey, allow me to be your healthy hair expert. I am now accepting new clients and would love for you to be my guest💜⠀

Book now |⠀

It’s deeper than hair, it’s a family affair.
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