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OLAPLEX and Resilience

Remember when healthy hair seemed like this super impossible life quest you’d have to embark on? You know, an in-salon ‘big chop’ and awkward grow-out phase. Some of us remember that more than others (cringe), but with OLAPLEX, the journey to healthy hair is easy to do. There are various levels of damage, and it may come as a surprise to you that salon goers aren’t the only ones who experience it. You can be the most low maintenance hair person and still experience severe damage at home with styling or even just by being outdoors in the elements.

Adopting practices that benefit the integrity of your hair will create a strong canvas filled with possibilities. Healthy hair is resilient and able to better wear a style, take color better, withstand salon chemicals, increase manageability, and help color last longer. You don’t have to be a salon-goer to enjoy the benefits of healthy hair. Healthy hair is for everyone because everyone with hair experiences damage!

OLAPLEX repairs hair internally by re-linking bonds called disulfide bonds. During the color process, we use N°.1 to mitigate any damage done during the process. After rinsing the chemicals, we apply N°.2 to re-link all the other bonds N°.1 may have missed while the hair was processing. N°.1 and N°.2 are used together as a Stand Alone Treatment, rebuilding hair without chemicals working against them. For at-home users, find the most intensive at-home repair in N°.0 and N°.3, a treatment inspired by the salon-grade Stand Alone Treatment.

Protecting and repairing your hair strengthens it for the inevitable ways damage occurs. A resilient head of hair is less susceptible to damage from the environment, whether it be the sun, wind, or cold weather. Thermal styling is a significant player in compromising the hair’s integrity and color. Just like clothing fading from bring left out in the sun too long, direct heat from your flat iron to your hair does the same. Perhaps the most innocuous way damage occurs is when you sleep, brush your hair, or use styling accessories like hair ties and bobby pins.

OLAPLEX will change your hair and make it more vital than ever with each treatment, hair wash, and when you style. With N°.0, N°.3, N°.4, N°.5, N°.6, and N°.7, there are convenient ways to bring your hair back to life with minimal effort. Treat yourself with a weekly treatment, or use N°.7 Bonding Oil on-the-go for heat protection up to 450º, UV ray protection, moisture, bond-building, and shine. Be resilient from the hair on your head to your toes and everything in between. Small self-care acts yield tremendous results for your mind, body, and spirit because you’re taking time for yourself. Let’s build a resilient bond together!

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